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Traditional Tantra

Updated: May 15, 2019

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But first let’s see what traditional Tantra actually is, since this term is in our culture so misused . Guess what is in the picture? This is Traditional Tantra! In form of Yantra, the light living body of the Goddess and her supernatural forces, created by sacred chants, prayer and alchemical combination of elements . The traditional Tantric teachings rarely focused on sexuality. Of course there were an aspect of the teachings, but the emphasis was for a small minority. . If the ego of practitioner is not purified than this can create obstacles on the path. We see this in Neo-Tantric Movement, where tantra is largely related to sexuality only, and is highly mis-represented with all types of creative practices. . Tantra is path of energy! Tantra is natural science and works specifically with the elemental forces, the planets, and the other aspects of cosmos . As we go deeper into the practice we intuit the divine union of the masculine and feminine attributes within, which then give way to the disolution of the dualistic play of reality-the transcendence of our limited self.

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