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Every day realizing more the power of BREATH

Every day realizing more the power of BREATHLast weeks I had some massive break through in my breath work practice Since most people have not developed a relationship with the breath I want to share this magic tool with you,

Because it is a bridge Connect our physical awareness To our mental awareness Giving us access to our subconscious mind Where we can rewire Restructure Release

So focus on your breath, What does your breath has to say? Where is your breath come from? How deep it goes? Really listen to it

The breath regulates the energy of life, The ability to direct the mind. The quality of emotions

Every inhalation You breathe in small piece of universe The infinite and every Exhalation You imprinting your divine essence to universe

What you want to share with the rest of the universe? . Now Take a deep breath And Aaaaah.... Much Love to you All !

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